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AirportWiFiGuide.com is on the radar among WiFi guide websites.

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AirportWiFiGuide.com has recently been mentioned on vagablogging.net in a post called Airport wait isn’t so bad with free wi-fi by Alison Brick. The article sites big name websites which are known for their useful airport wifi access information. Along with Travelpost.com and Jaunted.com , AirportWiFiGuide.com was also mentioned as one of a useful site for finding airport WiFi access information.

Alison Brick wrote:

AirportWiFiGuide.com also comes up on the radar, noteworthy for covering those other intangibles: signal strength and speed of the connection, and the comfort of the waiting area.

I always feel that we got a pretty good thing going here at AirportWiFiGuide.com with the additional airport WiFi related information we provide, but I could not be happier to see this site being mentioned along with the big name websites like Travelpost.com and Jaunted.com.

Beside signal strength and speed of the connection, and the comfort of the waiting area information on each airport, we also included link to airport Terminal Map and airport contact phone number which can be handy when you need them. See an example of our guide for LAX

Thank you for your support and don’t forget to come back and visit us. We are adding more airports to our wifi guide every week along with updating you on current airport WiFi related news and tips.

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