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Are airport WiFi providers iPad ready? Boingo is.

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Are airport wifi ready for ipads?With the new Apple iPad hitting stores next month, Boingo, one of the largest airport WiFi providers, has announce that their WiFi access plan at their hotspots around the world (and yes at airports!) are ready for the iPad. With this announcement Boingo also will begin to offer WiFi service in 1-hour sessions. We can understand how the 1-hour session would make sense with a device link iPad where you more than likely connect to the WiFi hotspot at the airport to download you reading materials for your flight and occasionally use it to check email. We also wonder if they will be plan at Boingo to provide free access to their WiFi service with the introduction of the iPad similar to their Boingo/iPhone promotion they have run in the past (read about Boingo/iPhone promo here.)

We look forward to seeing people with their iPad at the airports around the country soon!