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Avis brings wifi to the rental car!

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Avis brings wifi to the rental car Posted by by James on coolest-gadgets.com

Now you don’t have to wait until you get to your hotel or home from the airport to get back on-line. Avis introduces the very first WiFi service in their rental car! Go Avis! what about Hertz, Enterprise and Alamo?

Here is what James posted on coolest-gadgets.com.

For about $11 a day, Avis will let you access Avis Connect – its in-car wifi hotspot. Avis Connect has been slowly rolling out all over the country with up to five cities’ available this summer at airport-based rental centers. The cities include San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New Jersey, with Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, San Diego, and Seattle coming online by fall.

Based on Autonet’s mobile in-car router, the wireless internet connectivity uses 3G and 2.5G EVDO connections and is touted to be available “”at all times and places during their travel, from airports to meetings to hotels, and everything in between.”

But you don’t have to rent a car to enjoy wifi on the road, AutoNet will be available for purchase later this summer as well with an in-car router being introduced later this summer for about $400 plus $50 month unlimited subscription.

There are other options to be sure. The underground computer car culture has been modding wifi routers for your wheels for a few years now. But one thing is certain, if you plan on taking the wifi option when you rent your Avis car, make sure you take their insurance as well. You never know what’ll happen when you’re surfing questionable sites during rush hour.

Isn’t that why you needed a rental in the first place?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ro.walker.750 Ro Walker

    In Los Angeles you can rent a mobile wifi hotspot for your rental car from Travel Entertainment iPads. You can also take the hotspot out of the car because it’s portable. They offer free delivery to any of the car rental agencies. Only 11.95/day or $50/week.