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BNA Nashville International Airport

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WiFi Service is Available at Nashville International Airport.
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Nashville International Airport (IATA: BNA, ICAO: KBNA) is an airport in southeastern Nashville, Tennessee. The IATA Airport Code BNA is descended from one of the city’s early aviation facilities—Berry Field, NAshville, which was the name of the current facility until 1988, when the name was changed to reflect plans for international flights. The airport has four runways.

BNA was an American Airlines hub in the late 1980s and early 1990s. As of 2006, BNA is served by 11 airlines operating 424 average daily flights and is a focus city for Southwest Airlines.

The current passenger facility on Donelson Pike was opened in 1987, and was designed for the American Airlines hub facilities. It replaced a smaller facility on the other side of the runways, accessed from Briley Parkway. The former facility dated back to 1961, and was demolished in 1989.

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  • dn

    not many power outlets, and there’s a daily rate to access the internet. I don’t bother. Airport seems to of been, “under construction” almost as long as it took them to improve Briley Parkway.

  • alex

    They say that they have complimentary wifi (for the first twenty minutes), but hell if i could figure out how to use it. I think you might have to give them your credit card info first.

  • angry in bna

    Sitting here now, mad, because Nashville is behind on the times and I cant get on the internet to do my job. Thanks for nothing BNA!! Its the 21st century…time to get with the times! I will avoid this airport now at all costs!!

  • petunio

    This airport sucks. Boingo has them under contract and is paying someone to NOT have free wireless like the rest of the civilized world. If you want outlets for your electronics, good luck. I counted 8 outlets for the whole c terminal north areas. Go somewhere else to fly.