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ANA now flying 787 Dreamliner but In-Flight WiFi is still out.

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This past week ANA has received the first delivery of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to add to its fleet. After checking on ANA websites and not finding any mention of the in-flight WiFi service on board its aircrafts (including its new Boeing 787). We can now confirm that our report of In-flight wifi technology being excluded from the Boeing 787 specification is true. Based on our original report back in mid 2007, Boeing engineer sighted weight being the reason for omitting the In-Flight WiFi technology. We really which that eventually the airlines and aircraft manufacturers like Boeing will add the In-Flight WiFi service to all their air crafts. It is too bad that the most advance commercial plane to date that everyone is waiting for fly on, does not features the WiFi connectivity that have become the common place as people travel the world.

Read our original 2007 post on Boeing 787 with out the In-Flight WiFi below:

On July, 8th 2007 Boeing unveiled its most technologically advanced air liner to date.
The hosts of advancement that Boeing put in place aboard their latest plane would likely make the 787 Dreamliner the “benchmark” for commercial air travel for the decades to come.

The 787 Dreamliner is a highly thought out airliner with the design that focuses on enhancement in the areas of fuel economy, lower maintaining costs through the use of composite materials and the best part of all, improved in-flight passenger’s experience.

One thing that we will be missing from the 787 Dreamliner’s fantastic in-flight experience, however, is the ability for the passengers to wirelessly access the Internet from their laptops during flight. Unlike in the Airbus new A380, the 787’s passengers won’t be able to surf the web at 36,000 feet where it is too high to even to access the Internet from your smart phone. The team at Boeing has stated earlier in the 787’s development cycle that the decision to remove the WiFi features from the 787 is due to the weight requirement and international wireless frequency issues.

You will be happy to however, to know that Airbus on the other hand will offer In-Flight WiFi Internet Access aboard their recently launched A380. Airbus has also announced that the same WiFi technology being used on the A380 will also find its way to other Airbus’s models in future productions. It is good to see that at least one of the 2 major players in the commercial airliner business will provide a platform for allowing in-flight WiFi access. Which will it be for you then WiFi or No WiFi at 38,000 feets?

You can also read the article about the A380 In-Flight Wifi Access Here or read more about Boeing decision to offer no WiFi access aboard their 787 on Gizmodo

  • banney

    They aren’t concerned about weight issues and international frequecies, they just don’t want to show how ashamed they are, that they can’t even keep ConneXion running, Boeing sucks, and this is the reason why they cannot have WiFi aoard, because they can’t even keep one small interface running. And the don’t want people to know the truth about them being failures!!1

  • http://what-is-what.com/what_is/787_dreamliner.html What is the 787 Dreamliner?

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