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Browserless Wi-Fi access is desperately needed

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Browserless Wi-Fi access is desperately needed Posted by Esme on www.muniwireless.com

Now other web enable device should be able to get on-line at the airport too. Read Esme post on why we need Browserless Wi-Fi acess.

I was sitting in the Newark airport after a seven-hour flight from Amsterdam, waiting for a flight to Boston, when I began talking to a 12-year old boy who was trying to gain access to the airport’s Wi-Fi network through his Nintendo DS portable gaming device.

Unfortunately one needs a browser to type in the username and password to get into the Newark airport’s Wi-Fi network. I know this because I had my iBook open and was attempting to share the Wi-Fi connection with the boy without success.

Then we got to talking about where he finds Wi-Fi access. He says that he does not like McDonalds, but finds himself there more often because McDonalds has a deal with Nintendo which allows Nintendo DS users to use their devices at their fast food restaurants. They don’t require a login; you are automatically connected if you have a DS. He says he uses the McDonalds connection to play games with people who are in other places as far away as Japan. H also told me that he finds himself going to McDonalds more often (despite his lack of enthusiasm for their wares).

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