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Chrysler will be the first to put WiFi into cars

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Chrysler releases information today that it will begin to bring the in-car WiFi to its 2009 model line up. This will part of the next generation of UConnect system. The systems will provide in car WiFi by converting 3G signal into the in-car WiFi signal via a router located in the car. The catch is that there will be a monthly subscription fee for this service. There won’t be any long term contract for this service as it will be provided more on the monthly basis. You can expect a system speed of about 800kbps for download and 200kbps for upload. For the price, you can expect to pay the similar fee to what you would pay for the current WLAN service for your laptop. Now you can enjoy your WiFi signal on the way to your airport (inside your Chrysler cars) and at the airport…and if Chrysler would share their WiFi knowledge with Boeing we might soon be able to surf the Internet uninterrupted on our travel. See our post on “No WiFi on Boeing 787