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CLE Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

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WiFi Service is Available* – Our users were able to connect to the CLE free wifi service using host name “CLE_GUEST” at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Read our comprehensive Cleveland Hopkins International Airport WiFi Guide plus user comments now. Also see the Free WiFi Access Tip for CLE

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (IATA: CLE, ICAO: KCLE) is a public airport located 9 miles (14 km) southwest of downtown Cleveland, in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA and is the largest airport in the state of Ohio. The airport lies just within the city limits of Cleveland.

The airport was named for former City Manager William R. Hopkins. It was founded in 1925, making it one of the oldest municipally owned airports in the United States. The airport has been the site of many airport firsts: the first air traffic control tower and the first airfield lighting system, both in 1930; and the first U.S. airport to be directly connected to a local or regional rail transit system, in 1968.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport handled 11,460,002 passengers in 2005, a growth of nearly 2% over 2004. It is a major hub for both Continental Airlines and its regional carrier ExpressJet. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, along with Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL) comprise the Cleveland Airport System operated by the City of Cleveland.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport recently celebrated its 80th anniversary and unveiled a new logo and marketing plan to better associate the airport with its mother city, Cleveland. There was discussion of dropping “Hopkins” from the airport’s name and changing its FAA airport designator to CIA — Cleveland International — but the city ultimately kept the name as a result of discussions with the namesake’s descendants. In late 2005, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport began a new campaign using the slogan “Travel Smart, Travel Well” to compete with the highly-successful and growing Akron-Canton Regional Airport, located just to the south.

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  • http://www.whereinthailand.com Airport WiFi Scout

    CLE Free WiFi Access Tip: You can get on-line at Cleveland airport near Continental President’s Club in terminal C! Sit in the Berger King opposite the club for a good reception. Find the outlets near the pay phone bank.

  • Donald Hyatt

    ATT’s wifi has been shut down at Cleveland Hopkins, and Cleveland Hopkins has no WiFi what so ever other then some small desk top terminals by SBC that you have to pay like 5 dollars a day. CLE in the dark ages in this airport.

  • Donald Hyatt

    There is no Burger King at Hopkins anymore.

  • GT

    It’s pretty sad when your city’s airport is outshined by a McDonald’s in the area of technology. Maybe Jimmy Dimora had to shut it down because of the FBI investigations.

  • Diana

    Any airport that does not offer free wifi is in the dark ages. I am totally spoiled by Tampa.

  • Pete

    WiFi is no longer available. You can’t even buy it. The closest Boingo hotspot is at some McDonald’s a few miles away. I was stuck without e-mail for several hours. I thought I could pass the time by grabbing some Great Lakes beer, but that was really hard to find.

  • Bob Esper

    2009 and I can’t access a service that I previously used to access at hopkins(bingo)… Just another example of why we are no longer “the best location in the nation”. Third world countries are more progressive than this shit-hole.

  • Travis

    A three hour layover here at CLE (in from YYZ) is painful without wifi! Thank god I have an iPhone, but my laptop is useless. What in the world is the management of this airport thinking? I will NEVER make a connection through here again!

  • Steve Perry

    ATT web still lists this is an active hotspot. I flew through CLE 2 days ago and got nothing. I’ll be there again today, but I’ll be connecting elsewhere from now on. CLE loses and so will Continental… which is about the only airline keeping CLE in business it seems.

  • Airport WiFi Scout

    The rumor is that the people at CLE are converting the WiFi service from a fee based service to a Free WiFi service. The current down time for the WiFi service at the airport is temporary until the new Free WiFi network is in place.

    I am waiting to hear back from the Cleveland airport to confirm this.

  • hogan loganson

    sitting in cle right now attwifi shows up as an option but cannot be used can not wait to get to houston

  • ScottMArer

    In CLE and no free wifi can be found. At least near Southwest terminals B8 -B 11. I see the attwifi as available but cannot access the Internet. Very dissapointing… I am holding out that soon someone will get a hint… How hard is it to set up wireless???

  • Sollek

    Attwifi shows up but no interwebs. Not even their pay-per-use page. There’s also CLE_guest listed, but that just seems to be airport information and not a web access portal. The airport has been going thru renovation, but wifi looks like it’s bottom of the list.

  • Martin

    Walked through concourses C and D. Discovered 3 or 4 unlocked wifi networks (default, Free Public Wifi, Oasis (Free) are 3 I remember). Signal strength was 1-2 (out of 5) bars, but sporadically jumps up to 4-5 and then back down again. Once connected to any of the networks, you still cannot access the web. Used my iPhone to search google to see if there was a magic trick I had to perform and ended up finding this thread. CLE, I’m avoiding you for a good year now…thanks.

  • Cat

    I’m here in CLE today (12/24/09) and was able to connect to their free WiFi (it’s named CLE_GUEST). I’m sitting at gate C8.

    I used to be able to connect using their paid service because I have an SBC log-in, so it doesn’t make a big difference to me. However, I’m a big fan of free WiFi for all, so I’m glad CLE finally got with the times!

  • Kris

    Yea, as of Thanksgiving 2009 they have had free Wifi “CLE-GUEST”. Im using it now to write this.

  • James Pistone

    Sitting at CLE at gate C8 (only place I can find with outlet) and there is zero wi fi. AT&T and CLE Guest appear but neither loads. This is really sad. It’s May 2010. Not May 2001

  • chris

    I am sitting on concourse d right now. Only WiFi is peer to peer named “free public WiFi” doesn’t work of coarse. Connects and gets ip but no server can’t load any web pages. I’m on my phone now. Thank goodness for Sprint data.

  • jt

    So…no Free ATTWifi at Cleveland Intl…and no Boingo either. So what is available? And what happened to CLE_guest??? Did anyone contact the airport to find out what the problem is? Anyone know exactly whom I should contact there? TIA.

  • dlparr

    Sitting in A and no wifi. CLE-Guest and Free Public Wifi come up on a network search but can’tg browse with either. Also an ExpressJetGuest but I need a log in for it. Between this and my delays flight I’m remembering why I avoid CLE. My Droid is saving my sanity.

  • JR

    Cle_guest works for me, only 2 bars, had to refresh a few times before the connect page showed up…did not work in google chrome. Not fast at all, I’m gonna do like LeBron and leave asap

  • Jason

    CLE_GUEST got me online. Continental (Terminal D) told me it’s valid throughout the airport.

    Don’t know about speed yet. Connection from a restaurant (Obrycki’s) was mediocre and far better than nothing.

  • Kerry

    CLE_GUEST works (5 bars) and is free. I’ve been using it since my first CLE airport visit back in 10/2011 and I’m using it right now to leave this message. ;)

  • Lisa Adams

    I used CLE_GUEST with my ipad and was able to log-on from Concourse C. It took several tries to connect. I tried restarting my ipad, and gained access by opening google in my web browser. From there I was able to access internet. Hope this helps.

  • Clevelander52

    Check the power outlets. C26 has a dead one. Puts the burden on the traveller to see that the indicator light is not on – six inches off the floor!