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CLT Charlotte/Douglas International Airport

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Airport WiFi Service Details

WiFi Service is Available at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport.
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Charlotte Douglas International Airport (IATA: CLT, ICAO: KCLT, FAA LID: CLT) is an airport located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Established in 1935 as Charlotte Municipal Airport, in 1954 the airport was renamed Douglas Municipal Airport after former Charlotte mayor Ben Elbert Douglas, Sr. The airport gained its current name in 1982, and is currently a major domestic and international air hub for US Airways.

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    Free WiFI is available at the Bank of America Business center, located in the central concourse. The center has multiple electrical outlets, comfy chairs, and several restaurants nearby. IF you are lucky you may even have live entertainment.

  • Mark M

    Kind of confusing. Looks like their security certificate is not valid. T-Mobile offers service, for a charge. I also see two peer-to-peer networks that kind of scare me. Doesn’t seem like a great spot.

    Use at own risk looks like.

  • SeanE

    testing today (Sunday morning), and the latency/speed is amazing… 21MB/s down and 18MB/s up when tested through speedtest.net
    My WAP is called CLTNET and gave me the standard prompt/consent and like the previous user, they use a self-signed cert which means we will get scary prompts from modern browsers until this is corrected

  • james deroest

    Free, and covers most of the airport but quite a few sites are locked down, including facebook, ebay, and quite a few others. They also have filters running so some sites start to work but hang up half way through. Better than nothing, but far from brilliant.

  • Mike F

    I am connected to CLTNET right now. Good speed, and I am not seeing the filters that the person above reported. I have had no problems browsing. However, it will not let me send e-mail through my normal SMTP server, or any other SMTP server for that matter.

  • sarah graves

    If you wanna access facebook, myspace, etc and have aol installed on your computer, you can access them through aol.

  • Luke

    For those of you who try to login and cannot, here’s a way to get to the redirect if it’s broken.


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    It’s great that this is provided. Sometimes there are extended periods of time you have to wait at the airport. This really helps. Thanks.

  • Woonjas

    Works on my iPhone and my wife’s iPad, but I cannot get passed the redirect stuff on my Android 3.0.1 tablet :-(

  • jj

    Can connect but browser won’t automatically take me to page where I have to accept terms and conditions so completely useless. This really sucks as I am stuck here for a while and have lots of work to do.

  • Panix

    Please note, if you are new to the city, or have not been to Charlotte in over 6 months, and plan to rent a car, ask for an updated map, or direction. Several roads, (common short cuts) to areas in west and southwest Charlotte are being relocated due to the addition of a third runway.

  • jj

    Does not work on iPad or Android. It was spotty a couple days ago and now its not working at all. I can see the network with full strength, but connot connect. Sucks!

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  • Pilotage

    I almost never can connect to the Wi-Fi using a Mac product in Charlotte.

  • Kierann

    Using it right now and it’s super fast

  • SE

    Once I figured out how to access the network it was easy.

  • Joe

    To connect iPhone to the wifi turn on wifi, select cltnet, open browser go to google search for something, as the results show up it will redirect to accept terms and conditions screen, accept. Happy browsing.

  • Jojo

    I’m connected at the Starbucks between Concourse D and E at 7:15pm. I’ve been getting great speeds–2MB/s downloading from Steam.

  • A.E.S.

    No Internet access through CLTNET.

  • Stranded

    How do you connect with iPhone or iPad? This is BS.

  • ay

    Please fix the wifi. It doesn’t send you to the home page where you can accept conditions after connecting. So even though I’m connected to the wifi network I cannot browse any pages

  • Heather

    IM connected to the wifi but still can’t browse IVE tried hitting the renew lease button on the network details. Help please!!

  • LJC

    That’s the launch pad link for CLTNET wifi when I finally got to it on my iPhone.

  • earkahuna

    Good Luck. Glad I don’t connect to Charlotte on the way home. This is not the future, nor should it be the present. Not only is the connection slow, the service at “Taste of Carolina” is too.