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COS Colorado Spring Airport

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WiFi Service is Available at Colorado Spring Airport. Read our comprehensive Colorado Spring Airport WiFi Guide plus user comments now. Also see the Free WiFi Access Tip for COS

The airport was founded in 1927, the same year Charles Lindbergh made his transatlantic flight. Originally the airport covered an area of 640 acres (2.6 km²) and had two gravel runways. By the late 1930s the first passenger traffic was flowing through the airport on a flight that ran from El Paso, Texas through Pueblo, Colorado, Colorado Springs, and Denver, then back again. The original site was the present day location of the northern municipal power plant, east of Nevada Avenue and south of Winters Street. The first terminal was built in 1940 in an art deco style. Soon after the terminal was built, the field was taken over by the military in the months preceding World War II. After the war, the city regained operations at the airport.

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