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For Free Airport WiFi…See this Boingo/iPhone free WiFi hack for laptop users.

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Back by popular demand!

This is post regarding the free WiFi hack have consistantly been the most viewed post on our website.

We can see why this wifi hack is popular because who too would like to get WiFi access for free at the airport. Follow this simple guide below for free wireless use at Boingo locations including at the airports. This is still working as far as we know.

Boingo Logo

Boingo currently offers Free 15 mins of WiFi use for iPhone users at their airport hotspots. This past summer, AT&T also annouced that they are making all WiFi service at their hotspots free to iPhone users just like Boingo have done with their wifi locations. With this annoucement you can now use the free wifi hack below for free wifi service both at Boingo and AT&T hotspots.

Please pass this free wifi hack along and enjoy the free wifi at airports and hotspots across the country!

-Original Post-
It seems unfair to us that Boingo announced it will give their Free Airport WiFi Access to only those travelers with the iPhones at their airport networks for the month of August. See our previous post about Boingo offer for list of airports We set out to find a way to hack this free offer from Boingo that will allow it to work for those of us surfing the Internet from a laptop. We did not have to look very far to find someone who had found a way to take advantage of this free WiFi offer for iPhones from a laptop.

Dan at uneasysilence.com provides us with this great instruction on how to tap into this awesome Boingo offer (now also include AT&T.) It is quite simple really, all you have to do is to make a change to your Browser’s User Agent setting and trick the network to think that your laptop is an iPhone…and waala Free WiFi! Here is Dan’s step by step instruction:

First you have to trick the website that you are visiting to think that you are actually visiting it via an iPhone. To do that you need to modify your browsers ‘User Agent.’ If you use FireFox download User Agent Switcher (UAS) to start the process.
Then you need to alter the UAS settings (Tools – User Agent Switcher – Options – Options – User Agents – Add) to the following:
Dan's photo
Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/420+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.0 Mobile/1A543a Safari/419.3
(Make sure all of that is on one line)

It is as simple as that now you can enjoy the free WiFi service on your laptop from both Boingo and AT&T as if you are using an iPhone!

Enjoy your Free Bonigo and AT&T airport Wi-Fi access!

Boingo annouce the free 15mins WiFi offer again for iPhone, so our Boingo/iPhone free WiFi hack for laptop user is working again :) Enjoy it and don’t forget to share it.

  • Airport WiFi Scout

    Even though the Boingo promotion for iPhone user is no longer available after the month of August, we heard from an inside source that Boingo will be running a “broader smartphone offers” that will also include the iPhone sometimes near holidays or at the beginning of next years. So stay tune to Airportwifiguide.com because will let you know as soon as this new promotion from Boingo take place.

  • Morten

    Actually its simpler than that. Open a browserwindow. When you get redirected, replace the last part of the URL (after the last slash) with “FreeOfferAboutMobile.aspx”

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  • Airport WiFi Scout

    Thank you for sharing your Boingo tips with us. Many people have read this post and are enjoying their free Boingo wifi service at many airports across the US. This free hack wifi hack is still working and working well.


  • Danielle

    I should note for anyone that comes across it that Boingo isn’t doing that promo anymore. However, on my iphone they are displaying $4.95 a month, as opposed to $9.95 of their web site.

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  • http://Accessfree45minunlimited darkservlist

    There is an offer that lets you surf for 45 min, and after that it gets disconnected but, I tried modifying the registry via Regedit just search for every (key,value,data) with the name boingo and delete the string.
    This worked for me at least.

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    SUCKS!!!!!!……………………..how about it dont let this happen again

  • daniel

    wifi boingo is free 15 minutes anyhow, cheap b^%$$rds, most airports, even cleveland have free wifi completely, bigger airports atl dtw are so greedy, with boingo and gossip,

  • Z D

    It’s even easier than that. Go to the main Boingo Hot Spot Page by dropping off the ‘s’ from https:\ and the URL extension. Then select the web page for a free access point, such as the airport in Houston.

  • plX

    Those two last options won’t work anymore… is there a new way?

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