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Free WiFi Access left out of 2007 J.D. Power rating for airports

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pbb at Jaunted.com had a lot to say about the 2007 J.D. Power ranking for large airport in the U.S. We agreed with what he had to say.

Here is some of what he and to say:

Those know-it-alls when it comes to what consumers want–J. D. Power and Associates–have just released their rankings of the best airports in the US. Though “terminal facilities” was a part of the survey, free airport WiFi access obviously wasn’t a priority, given the results.

The top-rated large airport was DFW, which we know indirectly charges for internet through a partnership with T-Mobile. Houston Hobby–the jefe of small airports–makes you pay through a deal with Sprint. That leaves only mid-sized airport champ KCI as the one with free WiFi. (But we knew that.)

Maybe we should explain ourselves again? We’re not advocating for free WiFi at airports just because we blog and don’t like to pay for things. It’s a service that should be part of what we buy with the passenger facility fees we pay every time we buy an airline ticket–in our opinion. You wouldn’t pay $9.95 for a “day pass” to use the bathroom at an airport would you?

We here at AirportWiFiGuide.com also agreed with pdd that “Free WiFi Access” should be part of standard services that an airport should provide as Internet becomes common place in our lifestyle.

You can see our AirportWiFiGuide.com WiFi rating for these top airports on J.D Power’s list:
#1 DFW
#2 ORD
#3 DEN
#4 DTW
#5 IAH
Here is the link to J.D. Power 2007 North American Airport Satisfaction Index Study