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How-to guide to Google, Bing and Yahoo free wifi at airports and more this holiday season

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The big 3 Internet search engines are competing to give travelers free wifi this holiday season.

Google, Bing and Yahoo have made announcements recently to offer free wifi service across the country this holiday season. Google free wifi and Bing free wifi are available at airports and hotels (for Bing free wifi only) both aiming to attract attention from this year’s holiday travelers. Yahoo free wifi on the other hand focuses on providing free wifi service to just one location, New York Time Square, which can have upward of half a million wifi visitors each day.

AirportWifiGuide.com has put together a how-to guide for using these free wifi services from Google, Bing and Yahoo.

How-to guide – Google free airport wifi

Google partner Boingo brings you free wifi this holiday at 47 airport across the U.S. You can check the list of airports with Google free wifi here.

To gain the free wifi connection from Google, you will have to access the airport wifi hot spot which will bring up a browser screen where you can have a choice to donate up to 3 charities. Google will provide you the free wifi after this screen. Donations to the charities are not required to gain the free wifi access but if you decide to make a donation Google will match it. This Google airport free Wifi offer is available until January 15, 2010. Bonus – If you are flying on Virgin America, you will be happy to find that Google is also providing in-flight free wifi during this same period.

How-to guide – Bing free wifi at airports and hotels

Not to be out shined by Google, Bing partnered with Jiwire (provider of wifi hotspot) to provide free wifi service at airports and hotels across the U.S. To gain access to the free wifi service from Bing, the search engine asks you to do one search using Bing (sounds like a fair trade to us). After the one search on Bing, you are able to access the Internet at no cost courtesy of Bing Free Wifi. There is no report yet on when this Bing free wifi offer will end. You can visit jiwire.com for the list of airports and hotels with this offer.

How-to guide-Yahoo free wifi in Times Square

Yahoo’s strategy for their free holiday wifi offer is more focused compared to both Google and Bing. Yahoo will be offering free wifi for all wifi enabled devices in the vinicity of New York Time Square. To log on and use this free wifi service from Yahoo all you need is a wifi enabled device which could mean anything from a smart phone to a laptop computer. It will be interesting to see if the Yahoo Time Square free wifi infratructure will handle the daily wifi traffic that could potentially be 500,000 daily visitors to the Times Square.

With Google, Bing and Yahoo all giving free wifi offers this holiday, all of us here at AirportWifiGuide.com wish all of the wifi users out there a jolly free wifi holiday season!!