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In-flight wifi maybe coming to the U.S. sky soon Thanks to Southwest

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Report from Engadget indicates that Southwest airline is considering in-flight wifi service as one of the future revenue factors for their business. As the Southwest insider reports “In-flight wireless internet connectivity was mentioned twice during the slide presentation discussing future revenue opportunities for the company.”

There has not been any indication yet for the price that Southwest will look to charge for their in-flight wifi service. This doesn’t stop us from speculating the price that Southwest might charge their passenger for in-flight wifi connectivity. We take a look at Singapore Airline, Lufthansa and Japan Airline all of which offer the in-flight wifi service.

The average price of the in-flight wifi among the three airlines is about $30 per flight.
It is then pretty fair for use to speculate the price for Southwest’s service to follow suite at $30.

We hope that the people at Southwest will put this plan into reality soon with other U.S. airline to follow suite. Stay tuned to our future reports.