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WiFi Service is Available at Indianapolis International Airport. Read our comprehensive Indianapolis International Airport WiFi Guide plus user comments now.

Before it got its International designation in 1975, Indianapolis’s primary commercial air passenger and cargo facility was called Weir-Cook Municipal Airport, after Col. Harvey Weir-Cook of Wilkinson, Indiana, who was a US Army Air Forces pilot in World War I and World War II, where he was killed while flying a P-39 over New Caledonia. He became a flying ace during WWI, with seven victories. The airport opened in 1931 and its name was changed to Weir-Cook in 1944. Since 1962 it has been owned and operated by the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA), an eight-member governing board with members appointed by the Mayor of Indianapolis and certain other officials from Marion, Hendricks, and Hamilton counties in central Indiana. The present name was bestowed by the IAA in 1976. In the summer of 2008, the IAA’s board approved a resolution retaining the current airport name but designating the new main passenger facility as the Col. H. Weir Cook Terminal. In the same resolution, the new main airport entrance road was also given the name of Col. H. Weir Cook Memorial Drive. [2]

For 51 years, between 1957 and 2008, the main passenger terminal was located on the eastern end of the airfield off High School Road. This now-closed facility was renovated and expanded many times during its lifespan, most notably in 1968 (Concourses A & B), 1972 (Concourse D), and 1987 (Concourse C and the attached Parking Garage). This entire complex, along with the separate International Arrivals Terminal (opened in 1976) located on the north side of the airfield (off Pierson Drive), became obsolete once the new Col. H. Weir Cook Terminal opened for full opertations on November 12, 2008. The Indianapolis Airport Authority maintains some office facilities in a portion of the old structure, but the majority of that former terminal building is expected to eventually be demolished.

  • Gary

    The new Indianapolis airport’s wi-fi is FREE. I used it successfully on May 21st and 24th with an 11-year-old Powerbook with a Belkin Wireless Gaming Adapter (802.11g)

  • Omy Pork

    No free wifi today

  • eric

    No wifi IND on July 12.

  • cassandra

    I have ereader needing wifi access to download books. Cannot do this at IND as my ereader does not have internet access to take survey/watch video. The wifi service should have some sort of way for these types of ereaders to work as I cannot afford to buy new one.