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Keep yourself safe at airport Wi-Fi connections – Wi-Fi security

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Back by popular demand…Many of you have asked us about ways to keep yourself safe at the airport so we bring this post that we did earlier this year back for you.

Airport Wi-Fi, Any Security There?

As our world becomes more wired, our airports also follow suite by offering wi-fi connections and networks both for free and for a fee. These wi-fi connections at the airports give us the convenient of being connected with family, friends and colleagues as we travel. Making sure that these airport wi-fi connections are secured is important.

How safe are you at these airport wi-fi connections?

While there are airport wi-fi providers that offer the honest and secured wi-fi network, there hackers and phishers out there that could potentially be setting up a fake wi-fi connections that you may think are being provided by the airport. These fake networks are setup by these hackers to capture your personal and important information as you surf the Internet at the airport.

There is an increasing number of Wi-fi security issues being reported by airport authorities all around the U.S. and across the world. Authorities have reported as many as 20 fake wi-fi networks at a major U.S. airport that could potentially be setup to steal information from unaware airport wi-fi users. If you don’t believe you can read an article by David King about airport wifi security.

Here are some guidelines to help keep you Wi-fi Security Issues Free while connecting to wi-fi at the airports:

  • Check the network name – avoid network that sounds too tempting like: “Free Wi-fi”. You can always visit the airport website before you leave to read up about the airport wi-fi service – Links to airport website are available right from our Airport Wi-fi Guide pages.
  • Keep your laptop wireless off when you are not connecting to the Internet
  • If one is available, always connect to a secured virtual private network.
    Use only your secured web email and don’t use mail software like Outlook that automatically transmits your login information – unsecured.
  • Always check URL line making sure it is “https://” (secured encrypted page) when you transferring private information like your credit card numbers or when logging into your online bank account.

Following the Wi-Fi Security guidelines presented above will help keep your online surfing at the airport more safe and secured. The FBI also posts an article advising people about Wi-Fi Security at the airport which also has advise regarding Wi-Fi Security. Always check our airport Wi-fi connection guides to learn more about each of the airport wi-fi service.