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LAS McCarran International Airport

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WiFi Service is Available at McCarran International Airport. Read our comprehensive McCarran International Airport WiFi Guide plus user comments now.


McCarran International Airport (IATA: LAS, ICAO: KLAS, FAA LID: LAS) is the principal commercial airport serving Las Vegas and surrounding Clark County, Nevada. The airport is located five miles (8 km) south of the central business district of Las Vegas, in the unincorporated town of Paradise. It covers an area of 2,800 acres (1,133 ha) and has four runways. McCarran is owned by Clark County and operated by the Clark County Department of Aviation. It serves as a hub for US Airways and Allegiant Air, and is the largest operation base of Southwest Airlines.

In 2005, McCarran was one of the world’s busiest airports, ranking ninth for passenger traffic, with 44,280,190 passengers passing through the terminal, and fifth for aircraft movements, with 605,046 takeoffs and landings. Currently, McCarran International Airport is the sixth busiest airport in the United States in terms of traffic, and the eleventh in the world with 46,194,882 passengers passing through the airport in 2006; a 4.3% change from 2005.[1]

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  • Vince

    not a lot of power outlets next to seats, so i had to sit in the “recharge” stations, where you have 16 outlets 12 inches apart on a public kiosk type thing. you get no privacy, because everyone walking behind you on the escalator thing sees everything on your screen. the metal seats are about a foot or two apart, and though my back is killing me, the seat itself is not that uncomforatble.

    Slow Internet Connection, with full bars when connected to their access points. Speed test gave me 2.7mbps download and 1.7mbps upload. to give you an idea, it takes roughly 1 hour 49 minutes to upload a 341mb file.

  • Airport WiFi Scout

    LAS terminal image with slot machinesMcCarran International

    I arrived this morning at McCarran. There was a wait of about 3 hours for my next flight to Seattle on Southwest airline. I pretty much had plenty of time to check out the McCarran and it’s WiFi connection.
    The fiirst thing to note was that wireless Internet connection at LAS was free! and all you have to do to log in was giving your email address(I was not sure if they will be sending me email about LAS now since I gave my email.)

    The WiFi network connection strenght was showing the full 5 bars, indicating a good connection. I gave it a try with google.com and it took just about 2 secs. I could pretty much say that the wireless Internet connection for LAS was great. The seating area, on the other hand was a bit tight. There weren’t really enough seats to accomidate every passenger. It got even tighter when the flight that was leaving before mine began bording. The passengers lined up right in the seating area. It was a bit too close for me. I had to watch my laptop from getting hit by the other passengers. I was not impressed with the tight wait area, to make things worse I was not able to find any power outlet to charge my computer neither. Ok, there were a couple of good things that I need to point out about LAS. There were planty of food services nearby, restroom was a close walk and yes, there were slot machine to kill you wait time.

    Last words for LAS: Good FREE WiFi connection but the wait area was a bit too tight to work or surf the web comfortably.

  • Mike

    The free wifi at McCarren is extremely slow and unreliable. Multiple disconnects. Speeds are approx 14.4K, like old dial up modems. Maybe it’s normally good, but today, it is worthless.