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Looking for a WiFi access at Brussel Airport (BRU) in Belgium?

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Since a lot of us air travelers don’t frequent only U.S. airports, we here at airportwifiguide.com will now begin to bring you more news and guides about wifi access at other major international airports.

This week we got WiFi news from Belgium about their Brussel airport (BRU) that it sign its wifi contract with Telenet for the next 3 years to provide the wifi service at Belgium’s biggest and busiest airport. Telenet which is one of the bigger European players in wireless internet service promises an improved WiFi coverage at the airport boosting the WiFi network power stations to 56 which is double the number of WiFi power stations that the airport used to have.

The WiFi service at this Belgium airport should greatly improve with the additional stations. You can now access Wi-Fi signal in all waiting areas and most of the public areas. For access to Brussel airport WiFi network you can use your Boingo account which allows you to access all of Telenet services. If you don’t already have an account with Boingo you can sign up for a daily rate of $7.95 which will be cheaper than signing up directly with Telenet which will set you back 39.95 Euro a month!!

Here is the link to a page about WiFi service from Brussel airport’s website.

If you have any personal experience access WiFi service at Brussel airport please share it with us by leaving your comment below.

  • Lucas

    The wifi is 10EUR per hour after the first 30minutes. This is ridiculous.