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Major airports now offer travelers Flu-Shots “gate side”

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It looks like there are now more things to do at the airport other than hopping on the airport’s Wi-Fi network while waiting for your flight…think a flu-shot gate side!

This is not a joke!we just learned from an article by Daniel Yee, at AP that Atlanta, Chicago, Denver and Newark airports now offer their passengers flu-shot service “gate side.” We are now just getting to the start of the flu season so this service makes sense even if it is being offered at the airport.

If you are traveling through ALT, ORD, DEN and ERW you are now able to get your flu shots on the go inside the airport terminal after clearing security. The cost for the flu shot at these airports vary from “$15-$35” and “take less than 5 minutes” as reported by Yee.

For many business travelers who are constantly on the road (or in the air for this case!) and don’t have time to make appointments to visit your home clinic this convenient service offered by these airports make sense.

See the full article by Daniel Yee about the flu-shot at the airport here.