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MDW Chicago Midway International Airport

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WiFi Service is Available at Chicago Midway International Airport. Read our comprehensive Chicago Midway International Airport WiFi Guide plus user comments now.

Accommodation in Chicago

Chicago Midway International Airport (IATA: MDW, ICAO: KMDW, FAA LID: MDW), also known simply as Midway Airport, is an airport in Chicago, Illinois, United States, located on the city’s southwest side, eight miles from Chicago’s Loop. It is bordered by (clockwise from N) 55th Street, Cicero Avenue (terminal entrance), 63rd Street, and Central Avenue. The airport’s northern half is within the Garfield Ridge community area, and the southern half is within the Clearing community area. Midway is heavily used by low-cost carriers, such as AirTran Airways, ATA Airlines, and Southwest Airlines, and to a lesser extent by legacy carriers, such as Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Northwest Airlines. In 2006, 18,868,388 passengers traveled through Chicago-Midway, making the facility Chicagoland’s second busiest airport behind O’Hare International Airport, and ahead of Gary/Chicago International Airport and Chicago/Rockford International Airport.

Today, Midway Airport serves as a focus city for Dallas-based Southwest Airlines [3] and Orlando-based AirTran Airways, and is also the main operations base for ATA Airlines (ATA), which, in addition to its domestic network, flies internationally from Midway to cities in Mexico. Prior to 2004, ATA had offered significant scheduled service to destinations from Midway Airport and was the airport’s dominant carrier, occupying and operating 14 of the 17 gates in Concourse A. However, after the airline declared bankruptcy in October 2004, scheduled service from Midway significantly decreased. Due to repeated cancellations to its schedule, ATA now offers only 18 daily non-stop flights to 5 destinations, and mainly operates out of only 2 gates in Concourse B. Recently, the airline has announced its intention to add new service from Chicago to Oakland, CA, and Ontario, CA on May 11, 2007. These new additions will mark the first time ATA has increased service at Chicago-Midway in almost three years.

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  • LDJofAZ

    Can’t believe there is no free wifi at Midway. What a bunch of cheapskates! Won’t spend my $$ there again.

  • Barbra K

    In the past few days I have traveled a number of airports. Even some of the older airports have installed outlets and FREE Wi-Fi to better serve their business customers. I don’t know what persuaded the administration at Midway to make the decision to charge for Wi-Fi services; I would strongly urge them to reconsider. There is so much going for this airport that it is a shame to have this BIG negative associated with it.

  • Ron Thompson

    Not having free WIFI at Midway airport is pathetic! The Midway idiots who came up with this policy should have their heads examined.

    I will avoid this airport in the future. After all, should we feel secure with Neanderthals like this running the show?


  • John

    MDW is terrible. Sea-Tac, PDF, SFO, OAK, all free wifi. But at MDW, no, stuck in the past. Worse than no wifi is the ever annoying “Boingo” which is like a virus hijacking your homepage and interfering with your phone. I had to turn off my phone wifi just so Boingo wouldn’t interfere with my 3G connection to make this comment.

    I will avoid this airport in the future.

  • Erik

    I show that I have full 3G on my iPhone, yet it won’t run any apps or pages. Is midway blocking my 3G service so that I’m forced to use wifi? I need to connect to wifi I guess for me to use my phone I already pay $30 a month for for data, and refuse to pay at an airport for wifi, when it’s free everywhere else. I have more than a 3 hour wait and am bored out of my mind. Midway must like grumpy customers.

  • Barbara

    As a professional who never travels through Midway for business but decided to take advantage of deal on SWA for a vacation, I must say I will tell everyone who doesn’t know and encourage my travel partners I meet not to use this airport due to no free WiFi until free WiFi is offered. Kind Regards

  • Patrick

    I’m surprised and dismayed that their is no free wifi at Midway airport. If I have a choice, I won’t fly through this airport if I have a choice. To whomever made this ridiculous decision at Midway should realize that decisions like this make a big impact on how your customers perceive you, and for a huge hub like Midway not providing a service even the smallest airports today provide makes you look like you don’t care about your customers but are interested only in making a buck. How much kickback does Boingo provide to you so that you only offer their garbage service? I will never use Boingo – ever. The previous poster who likened Boingo to a virus is pretty accurate. Pure garbage.
    The days of charging for airport wifi are over. You might have heard a compelling presentation a few years ago that caused you to make this bad decision, but times have changed.
    You charging for wifi didn’t make me purchase your crappy service. I’m typing this review while tethered to my Verizon phone. Works like a champ and will always preclude me from paying for lousy wifi. If the wifi is free, I’d prefer it to tethering. So, short answer, you charging for wifi didn’t result in a sale for you. It resulted in a ticked off customer and a bad taste in my mouth for your entire airport.

  • Doug Hinebaugh

    This is the first and last time I fly out of Midway. No free WiFi is ridiculous. Can you even imagine how stupid the air must have been in the room that this “decision” was made in? What a bunch of morons. Thank you for making this a complete bore of a 3.5 hour wait.

  • Roberto

    Two and more hours waiting without a simple free wifi connection is really a stupid thing, for a modern city like Chicago want to be :-(

  • free wifi would be nice

    Dear MDW, you are seriously lacking in the customer service department.
    Not offering free WiFi is a disgrace and you all are crazy for not changing this yesterday.
    As I sit in a bare airport it has occurred to me that your decisions have
    finally caught up with you. Way to go!

  • Seriously?

    Suck it, Midway!

  • Dr. Susan Ng

    Not offering wifi is very poor customer service.
    We definitely will avoid this airport in the future!

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  • jim k

    When making connections through MDW, I don’t eat, drink or email…can’t believe such a busy hub still charges for wifi!!!

  • Pissed customer

    How lame is that! No free wifi! No way am I paying hundreds of dollars for a ticket then paying for wifi while I wait during my layover! I will schedule flights in the future to ensure I can be productive while I am sitting around… In another airport!

  • Not happy

    I large and small airports all over the us and canada have free WIFI what is the deal with O’Hare. I will not send my grandchildren through this airport again. How are we to stay connected with them if you do not give services. Greed. Nice going O’Hare!

  • John Jensen

    Very disappointed in MDW wifi. You advertise _Free_MDW_wifi, but you sure dont provide it. If you go to the free wifi site, it reverts to Boingo. Sounds an awful lot like a lie to me.