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Now Showing: Digital Movie download at Denver International Airport

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Have you ever think to yourself “isn’t it about time that someone offer a movie rental over the wifi network” well, DEN (Denver International Airport) has your answer. After making their wireless Internet (WiFi) network free in all airport terminals sometime last year, the airport is now offering movie rental service over their free airport WiFi network keeping their WiFi edge over other competitions.

So what are we talking about then, okay we are talking about being able to download a movie to your laptop from DEN free WiFi network and able to watch the movie directly from your laptop up to 48 hours after the time of your download. The current airport movie rental for DEN is between $5-$8 and a full feature length film will take about 8-10 minute to download from the airport WiFi network.

FreeFi, DEN free WiFi network provider is offering about 60 Disney’s titles that you can rent from the airport. Instead of using Internet feed to stream the movie the company actually utilized their edge network technology within the airport to allow movie media to be locally downloaded to your laptop to be view within the 48hrs.rental period.

The next time you want to kill some time on your long flight watching a cool action flick make sure Denver International Airport is on your flight itenerly.

Don’t forget to check our DEN WiFi Guide for the airport wireless Internet access information and rating. DEN is also listed on our Free WiFi Airports list.

Original news via WNN

  • http://www.hdradiofind.com Robert

    Currently, the movies can only be view on Windows Media Player. For those on Apple Mac books the movies rental from FreeFi at DEN is still not ready for you. I am sure that the FreeFi are working hard on getting their movie Mac ready!

    BTW, great coverage and speed for DEN wifi!

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