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Now there is a quick way to check for your flight delay!

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Airport Technology NewsWhile I was doing a research on airport wifi service for my site, I discovered a unique webpage that shows up-to-minute delays for all major U.S. airports! It was on the FAA site. I was hooked.

With this webpage, I can now see the status of the whole country all at once! The page shows the map of the U.S. with airport markers and the current delay status. Green shows that there are no airport departure delays more than 15 minutes, yellow means there are over 15 minutes delay and red means all flights are grounded at that airport.

This page is a quick and easy way to tell if you flight will be delayed. It actually refreshes itself every few minutes with the up-to-date status. In term of the accuracy, I’m sure that the information is pretty good since it is from the FAA. See this page now!