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OAK Oakland International Airport

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Airport WiFi Service Details

WiFi Service is Available at Oakland International Airport. Read our comprehensive Oakland International Airport WiFi Guide plus user comments now.


Oakland International Airport (IATA: OAK, ICAO: KOAK, FAA LID: OAK), also known as Metropolitan Oakland International Airport, is an airport located 4 miles (6 km) south of downtown Oakland in Alameda County, California. One of three international airports in the San Francisco Bay Area, airlines serving Oakland International provide service to numerous destinations in the United States, as well as Mexico. It has proven a popular alternative to San Francisco International, thanks largely to a heavy Southwest Airlines presence. In 2004, 14.3 million passengers used the airport.[1]

Oakland International is popular with low cost airlines and in recent years has been one of the nation’s fastest growing airports. A $1.4 billion dollar expansion project currently underway is expected to be completed by 2009. The project includes the addition of five gates to Terminal 2, expected to be open in the fall of 2006. Following the completion of those gates, Terminal 1 will be renovated and expanded by seven gates.

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  • Airport WiFi Scout

    OAK airport WiFi is now Free starting on Nov. 18th.

    The free WiFi service covers all terminal except for Southwest airline. Thanks to Poet with a Day Job for verifying OAK airport WiFi service.

  • http://www.freefinet.com FreeFi Networks

    OAK has terminal-wide free Wi-F provided by FreeFi Networks, which also provides service at DEN. Movie downloads are also available for a fee. Enjoy.

  • Andrew

    Can’t get my iPhone or mac to connect.

  • Sam

    can’t connect to network. gets an IP address though.

  • Sam

    ah – I had a custom DNS server (Google DNS). If you’re having a problem connecting, try resetting your DNS settings (Settings > Network Settings > Wifi Adapter Settings in Windows / System Preferences > Network > Airport on Mac)

  • KSJ

    The free WiFi at Oakland is what I have come to expect from other free WiFi services: Slow downloads – unable to watch news clips or other streaming media; Connectivity issues – system requires you to reboot every 5-7 minutes; Download issues – system kicks you off the website you are attempting to download and directs you to an advertisement; and most annoying – it refuses to connect to the Southwest Airlines, Orbitz and Priceline websites. This WiFi is another typical Oakland disaster

  • BB

    Oakland International WiFi has the banner bar at the top of each internet screen you go to when using it — and it is SUPER annoying. Please give me the directions to get rid of it after watching an ad video, or whatever i have to do to get rid of it, it’s altering the format of the webpages i’m trying to access.

  • http://email Android

    Trying to send a very small 125k pdf. Not happening. Oakland Airport sucks the big one. Sucky banners, Slow….Usless!! Take a look at SEA-TAC wifi…..Wonderful.


  • Howard

    Speedtest.net reports 1MBit down, 16Mb up, and 71ms ping.

  • mallione

    not usable. sitting at gate 9, jet blue, airport is nearly empty … keeps dropping connection, complete waste of time.

  • dcoetzee

    I’m at Oakland Airport now, getting 1.47/1.45 Mbps on Speakeasy speedtest in the middle of the night (4 am). Internet requires opening browser and watching a video ad first. Not sure yet if it’s time limited or otherwise needs to be periodically refreshed.

  • Alex Witteried

    I paid for 2 hours of premium internet and it won’t even hold a connection this is the worst wifi I have ever attempted to use anywhere in the world including china.

  • Alex Witteried

    I want my money back because this is absurd, it’s one thing for free wifi to be bad, but for paid to be unusable is unacceptable.

  • Riki Juster

    I connected to the Oakland Airport free WiFi, but I was not prompted to sign into anything, so there was never any connection. I find this very frustrating.