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PHL Philadelphia International Airport

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WiFi Service is Available at Philadelphia International Airport. Read our comprehensive Philadelphia International Airport WiFi Guide plus user comments now. Also see the Free WiFi Access Tip for PHL

Philadelphia International Airport (IATA: PHL, ICAO: KPHL, FAA LID: PHL) is an airport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is the largest airport in the Delaware Valley region. It is at present the 9th busiest airport in the world in terms of aircraft activity.[1] The airport is the primary international hub of US Airways and has service to destinations in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe.

Most of the airport property is located in Philadelphia proper. The international terminal and the western end of the airfield are located in Tinicum Township, Delaware County.

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  • http://www.whereinthailand.com Airport WiFi Scout

    PHL Free WiFi Access Tip: You can gain Free WiFi access near the food court and retail shops! Outlets are available through out the airport. Look for them on the posts near the seats and the pay phones.

  • http://Mike Mike

    9-30-10. I tried to access their AT&T WiFi in A terminal and around the food court. I could find and connect to the WiFi but there was no Internet connection. I talked to several other travelers having the same problem and ask the in-helpful info desk people but no solution. I’ll even pay to have access but there seems to be no WiFi at PHL.

  • WIFITraveler

    I have found two different wifi at PHL Airport. They are attwifi(low case) and Free Public Airport Access. The attwifi looks setup with all information with internet access, but there is still no internet connection. The Free Public Airport Access looks like a hacker because there is only an ip address and subnet mask, no gateway or dns for internet access. I have also read on some sites that PHL only opens up Internet Access for students only or you have to pay for the service (7.95 per day).

    PHL has alway provide the WORST customer service and the MOST negative attitude toward travelers, esp the female Security helpers that are supposed to guide people in line. I have seen one helper scream at a mother to stay in line who was traveling with 3 young kids. With DELTA tickters, I have seen a woman chew a guy out because he is supposed to know all his connecting flights, and this is the first time he flown.

  • John

    service suck slow

  • jay

    It never works.

  • Steve

    Poor signal strength anywhere I went in E terminal and was never able to actually get connected to the internet

  • http://www.zhrodague.net Dfz

    Huh. Seats with power adaptive everywhere, the phl website says they have free wifi here. There’s no Internet access via wifi, only the signals from people’s mifi.

  • LJL

    at gate A11 as I write this in PHL and wifi works fine….w PC & I-phone.

  • Jc

    My iPad is picking up the attwifi signal, but there is no access. Not sure why they bother having the signal if one can’t do anything with it. I was online at BOS two hours ago with no problems.

  • wyo_nat

    Horrible wifi at PHL! tmobile and attwifi both show up as available. I was able to connect via tmobile, but service was very spotty. Connection through attwifi was non-existent.

    Also, AT&T 3g was spotty. My Ipad could connect, but lost connection many times.

    The most reliable connection was Verizon 3g. I turned my cell phone into a hotspot, and could finally do something on the internet. It stinks I have to drain my cell phone battery to get connected to the internet at PHL. It’s one of the least-wired airports I’ve been to in awhile.

  • Lilian

    I was able to connect to at&t wifi but it sucked very choppy n slow on labtop and even my at&t phone :(

  • fezzer0014

    connected to attwifi now and it is a bit slow but working pretty well and better than paying for it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/unhappy.attuser Unhappy Attuser

    Whom It May Concern,

    have been using an iPhone 4 with Att Wireless for the last 22 month.
    Nothing but trouble, from day one. Att Wireless has been dropping 50%
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    aggravation of so many dropped calls! Over the course of the contract
    I have attempted to have the issue resolved with both Apple and Att
    Wireless. Apple has replaced my device with a brand new one and Att’s
    solution was to change my sim card. Neither solution worked; in fact
    the problem has gotten worst over time. My local Apple store where I
    purchased the phone refuses to replace it saying the problem lies
    with the service. Att refuses to accept the problem saying it’s a
    hardware issue and sending me back to Apple. See I am a customer a
    human being stuck in a contract between this two conglomerates whose
    product cost Americans billions of dollars per year. Last
    two years I have had to leave my office and walk outside in order to
    talk on the Att Wireless phone. Sounds like I live in at the edge of
    the universe well, No! I live in Center City Philadelphia just 2
    blocks from City Hall. If Att Wireless doesn’t have good coverage
    here where does it cover? Att Wireless was charging $138 per month on
    the unlimited everything plan which over the 24 month contract is
    well over $3000. Transferred to Tmobile on a prepaid unlimited
    everything plan for just $60 per month. Now I am surfing at 4g
    instead of 3g, I speed tested the Tmobile phone at 4-5 Mbps which is
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  • Quaker life

    Sitting in A11 for the next four hours and I cannot get an Internet connection. It says that I’m connected to the AT&T network but I don’t have Internet access. This is going to be a long wait.

  • Simon.

    Attwifi completely borked in terminal c.

  • anon134

    No connection in terminal E despite showing up as excellent signal strength. This is the case every time I fly out from PHL.

  • Casey

    Works best at the peets coffee by security, two plugs and solid service.

  • Patrick

    Abby Philadelphia, leaky roofs, poop smeared on the bathroom walls, agents for all companies with bad attitudes and a wifi with a signal but no way to connect. There’s so many reasons I moved out of Pennsylvania.

  • Sunnysdrider

    iPad shows connection to attwifi but no access. This has been going on for 2weeks. No problems with other airport free access wifi. Bad, bad service by ATT.

  • Deb

    Why does it say free when it’s not?

  • NoSignalAtPHL

    Wifi has weak signal in Terminal A. Unable to connect anywhere else in the airport.

  • Mykola Nick Gluzdov

    I couldn’t use AT&T wifi on my MacBook Pro – could not get an IP address. Is there a workaround?

  • wabbott

    Wifi in Philly is free but it doesn’t work. I travel through the airport often and can never get to any internet sites. I’d gladly pay for decent service, but your choices are ‘free’ service that doesn’t work or nothing.