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PHX Phoenix Sky Habor International Airport

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WiFi Service is Available at Phoenix Sky Habor International Airport. Read our comprehensive Phoenix Sky Habor International Airport WiFi Guide plus user comments now.


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (IATA: PHX, ICAO: KPHX, FAA LID: PHX) is a public airport located three miles (4.8 km) east of the central business district (CBD) of Phoenix, a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, USA. It is Arizona’s main international airport and one of the largest aviation facilities in the American Southwest. Currently, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the eighth busiest airport in the United States in terms of traffic.

Sky Harbor has been operating under its unique name since prior to 1935, when it was purchased by the City of Phoenix. In the 1950s it was serviced by four airline companies. Today, the airport is the home base for Tempe-based US Airways, and is also the third-largest departure point for Southwest Airlines, the airport’s second largest operator. Since beginning service in 1982 Southwest has grown to capture more than 34 percent of the market share. Since 1990, Southwest traffic from PHX has increased more than 352 percent.

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  • dmitriy

    Free wi-fi is appeared in wi-fi networks list and even possible to connect, however gateway doesn’t get assigned, so no use

  • abk

    pretty good wifi and free as well

  • Chuck

    Wifi with splash screen is equal to a pain in the ass. It really confounds iphone and laptop as I had pages open that had to now deal with the splash screen.


    It does nothing for you and slows up users.

  • Mark

    Works fair. Unable to send email via web based email program on Charter.net. Other ISP’s work well. Filtered content blocks non-adult sites.

  • dn

    worked fine for me. 3rd party email and browsing

  • http://skyharbor.com/ Jeff

    BEST airport for wifi!!!!!! FREE WIFI! Every airport in the country should provide free wifi.

  • Roger

    I see it, but can’t connect. Sucks as far as I’m concerned.

  • JC

    If you want your iPhone (OS 4) to work on the wifi, do the following:

    1.) Go to “Settings” turn on “Airplane Mode”
    2.) Turn on your wifi connection
    3.) You should be redirected to a login screen, click “Connect”. If you aren’t redirected,
    4.) Open Safari, browse to any webpage.

    You can turn Airplane mode off, and should be connected to the wifi.

  • Antbar

    The signal is extremely spotty all over the airport, some terminals have a strong sig, others do not. Forces you to go though a login screen. Once you are connected NOTHING will load. The speed is painfully and excruciatingly slow. I was using both an iPod touch and an iPad and neither would load even a basic news page.

    I just gave up on it. It made my 9 hour layover suck that much more.

  • Puffin Pass

    SUCKS!!!!! Sitting at the C gate area right now and everything takes YEARS TO LOAD!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes won’t even connect to the web page. Boooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Puffin Pass

    SUCKS!!!!! Sitting at the C gate area right now and everything takes YEARS TO LOAD!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes won’t even connect to the web page. Boooooooooooooooooooooo. I had to refresh this page 4 times before this comment would post.

  • Bev

    On 12/25/10, the wifi was so slow it that I gave up! I tried numerous times.

  • Marc

    Terrible service. Could connect, but couldn’t download anything. Always timed out or lost connection. I tried numerous locations. When a Delta plane was in the gate, I could connect to the planes free gogo internet better than the airport WIFI.

  • LivedinItaly

    Tried connecting this PM between flights with IE and Firefox. No luck with either browser. Would help if signs announcing free WiFi would also provide URL.

  • CJ

    I’m at Sky Harbor every month and the WiFi used to work okay up until two months ago. Now, when I try to connect via iPhone or iPad the “connect” screen never pops up, so I can’t get on. Can’t figure out why.

  • Dorothy Kalies

    The wifi used to work here, but like CJ (#15), since about November I haven’t been able to get on. The “connect” screen never pops up. I should add that the problems I have had were in the USAirways terminal. In October when I flew United, it worked in that terminal. I have tried to find help to figure out what I’m missing but no one seems to know.

  • W Mudge

    PHX WiFi is no longer practical due to very slow response times. It took nearly 10 minutes (no exaggeration) to log into GMail after entering my password. Other sites like CNN took even longer to appear. U suppose the service is not well maintained or there maybe too many people are watching streaming video, etc., or both.

  • George M

    High signal, connection established, browsing not functional. Network monitor shows little blips of send/receive radix speed below 1K. Teied settings, retrie, no luck.

  • Larry R

    The airport has a serious problem with internet connectivity. This all started in about November of 2010 and has not been fixed! The airport seems to be more concerned about whether or not they are “friendly” than they are about providing good service. It is sort of sad. I connect out of this airport every single week.

  • Tim

    WIFI sucks here, works poorly on my IPHONE. But cant connect at all on laptop.

    The story seems to be the same for most airports…. Horrible free WIFI and please someone get rid of the idea that we should pay for wifi.

  • Jay

    It seems PHX wifi is not being maintained. It worked well on trips I took through there in the past, but the last two times I could not connect my computer, phone or ipad. Much better experiences in OAK, SFO and elsewhere.

  • rl

    Wifi in PHX is pretty much worthless. I fly every other week and PHX is easily the worst of the airports with free wifi. No contest.

  • http://Anon Steve

    The sky harbor wifi network appears on the list of available networks, but it won’t connect. Sucks.

  • Sam

    Connects and assigns IP address, but all browsing is so slow that most of it fails. Probably needs to have some configuration done so single connections can’t saturate the network. Either that or thy just need to add bandwidth to whatever network is backing the WiFi

  • ipaduser

    Got iPad to work by:
    1) turn airplane mode ‘on’ (wifi should turn off)
    2) turn wifi on
    3) open Safari (should be working)
    (yes, it seems very slow)

    Your results may vary…
    Good luck.

  • Larry

    Horrible connection in terminal 3 today Waste of time to even try.

  • Scott

    No problem connecting to wifi. Get great signal at gate a10 but network connection is so bad the service is effectively useless. Bring your own air card or forget it altogether.

  • Peter

    Most worthless service ever, nothing will load, dont even bother offering it if it doesnt work. HORRIBILE

  • David

    It was easy to connect however the speed was so bad that I could not even access my Southwest account. This service really needs to be updated so it can be used effectively.

  • Frustrated

    Sitting in T3 at gate 6, can connect to free wifi but can only get google homepage to load!?! I’d rather pay for something that works versus getting a pos that doesn’t work for free!!!!!

  • Wifisux

    PHX has the worst free wifi ever. It’s more frustrating than not having wifi. I was in T4 earlier today and after trying to connect to the wifi for an hour, I gave up. Then went to T2 to catch my connecting flight only to find out it was delayed and I was stranded in this wifi hellscape.

  • Graeme

    iPhone works although speed varies. IPad doesn’t get dhcp correctly so never managed to connect at all. This service used to be good.

  • Aisha

    Tried the steps above on my iPad and iPhone and couldn’t get the connect screen up. Oh well.

  • Jason

    Wifi worked fine with my iPhone 4, just like any other connection. Had no problems with speed, signal or establishing IP info.

  • Jim

    The wifi in ths airport is worthless. The SSID is visible but iOS devices can’t connect.

  • Gene

    The Wi-Fi at Sky Harbor which used to work ok is become essentially worthless. I’m positive the problem is that the system is overwhelmed and would need a serious (and probably very expensive) upgrade. The additional problem is that because the service is “free” other pay providers like Boingo are not present, otherwise we’d have an option to pay. Because of this and the almost complete lack of electrical outlets for recharging, I don’t see how they dare call themselves America’s Friendliest Airport.

  • Robin

    Thanks, Phoenix! Great to have free access! Worked well and fast.

  • Rob C

    why in the world do you need to be in airport mode on a wifi only ipad to get the wifi to work at the PHX airport. its nuts! but it did. Thanks to whomever posted that.

  • e-rob

    Wow. I was sitting in the PHX airport on the way back from a 2 day video shoot and needed to upload some large files to my client on my 55 minute layover. I was certain that I didn’t have enough time, but I thought it was worth a try. I selected the files and clicked uploaded them to my dropbox. To my sheer and utter amazement, the files, which amounted to about 500 MB, went up in less than a minute. I was sure that this was a mistake and that I must have consolidated the files incorrectly. Then I did a speed test and found out that my upload speed was 27.83 Mbps. This is by far the best airport Wi-Fi experience that I have ever had.

  • nk

    download speed is almost 30 mbps but they throttle my itunes downloads where a movie takes like 3 hours.