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San Francisco International to begin offer Free WiFi

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San Francisco International Airport (SFO) announced recently that it is now ready to join the list of major airports across the country that now offer Free WiFi service for their passengers (for airports with free WiFi service see our Free WiFi Airport List).

Like Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA/ Sea-Tac) and Logan International (BOS) both of which began their free WiFi service recently, SFO is aiming to keep up with its main competitions, Oakland International Airport (OAK) and San Jose International Airport (SJC).

Both OAK and SJC began their Free WiFi service nearly 2 years ago, so it makes sense for SFO to follow suite. We here at AirportWiFiGuide.com are pleased to see another major picking up on the Free WiFi service tread.

  • http://www.amazon.com/100-Blonde-Jokes-Funny-Clean/dp/0986600415/ R. Cristi

    Like San Francisco, finally more airports have free wifi than airports that do not. I remember Baltimore airport did not when I went there last year. Some, you still have to pay to us. It is ridiculous.

  • http://www.metro-propertymanagement.com Mike

    Thank you, San Francisco International! Finally. With the high cost of flying, it’s nice to know that there are perks such as these being offered.

    San Jose Property Manager

  • http://www.squidoo.com/learn-tennis-serve-fast-at-tennisbully Paul

    Wow! This is good news for all of us. This would be very beneficial for business travelers who need to check their emails quickly while waiting for their flight. Thanks a lot for this… :)

    Learn Tennis Serve

  • http://www.larrygoodmanmft.com larry

    Thanks for the fieldwork-it will help many travelers.

  • http://wirestorageracks.org/ Emil

    It is such great news to hear this airport offers free Wi-Fi. Comfort and flexibility are necessary to help passengers in doing their business. Hope the rest airports also offers this facility.

  • http://www.reefpointreaty.com Chaser Cruz

    This kind of facility is a great news to all passengers. You can continue to surf the net and do business chores upon a trip. Hope that all airports will offer free wifi for a more convenient trip and worth the price you have paid for the airport.

  • Joe Traveler

    There are some VERY severe restrictions on the “free” wifi service offered at SFO Airport. Most iPhone4′s (I tried the three in my party) will not access the net, even thought they were all connected via the proper channels. Very slow and sometimes failed to connect access via Safari. No FaceTime, Text+, or Skype on the iPhone4s. My MBP was able to connect, but no FaceTime or Text+ either. If you’re going to offer “free” service, at least a disclosure as to what will not be allowed, should be posted. Directions on settings for each device is difficult to come by as well. In this day and age, just north of the Silicon Valley, we should have instantaneous access, with no hassles. This should be so much easier than it is. Very disappointing.

  • r miller

    Service isn’t free…have to pay…bs!!

  • http://www.rentnorcal.com NorCal Property Management

    I use SFO all the time. Love it! Especially since the upgrade!

    Santa Clara Property Management