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SAN San Diego International Airport

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WiFi Service is Available at San Diego International Airport. Read our comprehensive San Diego International Airport WiFi Guide plus user comments now.


San Diego International Airport (IATA: SAN, ICAO: KSAN, FAA LID: SAN), also known as Lindbergh Field, is a public airport located three miles (five km) northwest of the central business district of San Diego, California and also 20 miles (32 km) from the International Border at Tijuana, Mexico. It is owned by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.[1]

San Diego International is the busiest single-runway commercial service airport in the United States, and second in the world, with approximately 600 departures and arrivals carrying 50,000 passengers each day, and a total of 18.3 million passengers in 2007.

SAN occupies the smallest land footprint of any large commercial airport in the United States, occupying 661 acres (2.67 km²) of land.

The airport currently serves as a focus city for Southwest Airlines. The most prominent airlines at the airport [as of July 2008] were Southwest Airlines (34.4%), United Airlines/United Express (10.7%), and American Airlines/American Eagle (10.3%).

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  • Randompassenger

    Connect to hub no problem but whatever cisco redirect system they are using refuses to work so im just sitting here with an empty firefox screen and cant get to the internet except through my phone. A for effort and free wifi. F for execution.

  • Ian Wendlandt

    Frustrating. Not working today. It seems the Cisco redirect is not functioning for me. I’m on a Mac. The guy next to me has no problem, though with his PC. Hmmmm. My iPhone connects just fine…

  • Ever-irritated that redirect doesn’t work!

    Yes, logging on it’s easy. The redirect NEVER works for me and never has over several months of trying. It’s not just an occasional error. They should provide the redirect website and instructions…at some places I’ve had success by typing in the login website address. If more than one of us is having this problem, this would be really helpful.

  • Pissed

    Still does not work. Why even claim to have the service?

  • Adrian

    It works just fine for me at Gate 35. On PC and iPhone. Thanks for the free access!

  • RG

    Have tried multiple times to connect… Waste of battery! All attempts failed!

  • Frustrated Traveller

    Absolute worst Airport wi-fi I have ever seen, it is appalling! Been trying to connect for the past 40 minutes as I needed to get some work done, I guess that’s not gonna happen! Seriously how hard can it be?

  • av8tor

    What a bunch of bitchers. Give them something for free and it nevers comes up to expectations. Quit complaining and do what you would have done 20 years ago, drop money in a pay phone or shut up and sit down. Spoiled egomaniacs.