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Soon AT&T will bring Free WiFi to iPhone users

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Chris Ziegler posted this welcoming news about the Free WiFi for iPhones from AT&T on engadget. This post regarding the value-added iPhone service from AT&T gives us a clearer view of the plan the company has for its iPhone customers. AT&T is planning to make all WiFi access at their hotspots (including all AT&T WiFi services at major airports across the U.S) free to the iPhone and all other WiFi-equipped devices from the AT&T family. The company spokesman however did not provide any set dates for the launch date for this iPhone Free WiFi feature. He only stated that this Free WiFi offer is something that the company has “long planned” for.

As more and more of us (air travelers) started to carry more WiFi-enable mobile devices like the iPhone, the Free WiFi new from AT&T is really a welcoming one.

[Via engadget]

We believe that this effort by AT&T to give Free WiFi to iPhone is the company’s overall stategy to create a “Value Added” service for all AT&T customers – Read our previouse post on AT&T making all hotspots free for all AT&Tcustomers >