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Southwest begins testing in-flight wifi service

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Southwest has officially began the testing their in-flight wifi service on several of their aircrafts (news via engadget.com). The initial test will enable in-flight wifi service for a single row of seats (currently at Row 44.) Southwest also has selected Yahoo as their partner for the in-flight wifi service. The initial service provided by this testing period includes a homepage that include destination relevant content and we suspect that you should be able to access all of the Internet after visiting this Yahoo/Southwest in-flight homepage. The in-flight wifi testing will continue for several months on these handfuls of Southwest aircrafts. We hope that the test will go well and we will soon have in-flight wifi on Southwest.

The idea of providing in-flight wifi has been around for sometime now, however it never really taken flight. With the operational success story of Southwest airline, we now have high hope for in-flight wifi.

Please share you experience of Southwest in-flight wifi with other users if you one of the few lucky Southwest passengers to experience the service.