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UK passengers get to enjoy WiFi at Flybe lounges

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BT the British Internet and IP phone provider announced that it has setup 6 Flybe’s passenger lounges across the UK (at Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Gatwick and Glasgow airport.) BT service will include WiFi internet access and the VoIP services. These WiFi and VoIP services are offer free to those passengers who are currently BT’ broadband customers. Other customers can also enjoy the Flybe’s lounges at these 6 airports by purchasing the BT Openzone voucher. With more and more WiFi technologies heading for the airports oversea, we are sure that these same WiFi technologies will also be arriving in the U.S. airports soon.

See the announcement from BT below:


Enabling customers to use any wireless-enabled device passengers will now be able to connect to the web and make VoIP calls in lounges at Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Gatwick and Glasgow airport. …